Heart of Hutch – The Heart of Hutch was created based off of Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones. Dan traveled around the world to different ‘Blue Zones,’ or areas where there was a large concentration of people living to 100+. He studied these areas to figure out why people had such long life spans. What they all had in common were several things, and the Heart of Hutch is focusing on three of them – Eating Smart, Connecting Whole heartedly, and Moving Naturally. Irene is a member of the Eat Smart Committee, and proud to have this organization exist in Hutchinson.

Clay Coyote – Clay Coyote is letting us use some of their pottery to photograph food. By doing so, Irene is also getting hooked on all of their flameware pots. There is something really grounding and pleasant cooking with pots made from the earth. Here is a link to their Etsy shop .

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