Mini Kohlrabi Korean Short Rib Tacos

This recipe comes from The main ingredient is beef short ribs, and slow cooking them overnight in the slow cooker fills up your house with a very lovely smell. Since I didn’t change the recipe for the meat, please visit this site to get the exact low down on how to cook the short ribs.

While this recipe is delicious for ways to eat kohlrabi, you can also spread this fabulous meat mixture on any vegetable to enhance its flavor. This time of year my favorite would be half of a Delicata Winter Squash, roasted to perfection at 350 degrees for 75 minutes in the oven.

When we made dish in the photographs it was spring and Kristine brought over one of the first of the season’s kohlrabi from her CSA box from Loon Organics. We sliced it thin on the mandolin and used it as the shell for the tacos. Sprinkle it with chopped cilantro and add a stir fry of carrots, fennel, mushrooms,and peas cooked in coconut oil with a hint of sea salt and we had the most delicious meal. It was even colorful and beautiful to photograph too!




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